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Easter's Eave...I was making for the church to fulfil the obligation of every Orthodox believer and stay the whole night until dawn in the church concentrating on the divine service. Such a thing has lasted for 6 years already since I took my religion beliefs seriously. But this time something had happened that changed my life and the attitude to it. Hardly had I crossed the threshold of my church as SHE got into my horizon. I was over heels charmed with the beauty of her eyes, her sunburnt face, her curls of the black hair...I could have continued describing all advantages of hers, and I think even a thousand words won't be enough to explain what I liked her for. I felt some strange pleasant energy from her side that was attracting me stronger and stronger. But... She was begging for alms. Everybody either ignored her or gave some coins not even turning the face to her side. She got used to it very fast and repeated her words automatically and her voice was lowered to whisper.
When her tender whisper touched my ears, i stopped and my fingers started a long journey thru all the pockets of my clothing in order to find some cash. But there was none. I had only 100 banknote and appraising her with such a sum she would probably cosider an insanity. Meanwhile i looked into her eyes, she gazed in my eyes quickly,and after this 1-second moment her eyes looked down.
-I'm terribly sorry-she said- don't worry.-,her cheeks got red.
I turned to the entrance and after 5 minutes was back with the appropriate money, having changed my 100 by means of buying 2 candles. By the time I got back she had already returned to her privious condition: automatic begging. Her palms were opened and I put 1 banknote into her palm rightaway. She turned to me, her cheeks got red again and she looked at me that embarassed that even couldn't pronounce a single word. I had also nothing to say, I felt little bit unconfident what to do further, although I read the 500-page encyclopedia about picking-up the girls, and already had successful experience in this field, this time I felt completely different, i felt like schoolboy who comes to the disco and makes attempts to draw the attention of a female. Feeling completely deaf and mute and unable even to make any gesture i returned to the divine service. One hour later i felt someone staring at me. I looked back and saw her. She had already finished her work and joined the divine service. Hardly had i noticed her gaze, she changed its direction. That lasted the whole divine service and to the end of it, I couldn't concentrate on anything. Hide-and-seek was the game we started playing. She tried to hide her eyes from mine. I couldn't help turning back to glance at her. But the divine service ended, and the worst thing happened- i lost her sight of. And no matter how hard i tried that night, almost beyond my might, it was impossible to find her anywhere. It became a tragedy for the next few weeks. I didn't miss any Service since that time. I did really hope That 1 day i succeed, but after several months i lost the last beams of my hope. But however hard i tried i couldn't get her out of my mind.
5 years later.
Hot Crimean summer...
Sundays, no matter where i've been i used to attend church servicing.
I didn't expect that this time something unusual would happen.
Hardly have I ordered 3 candles,and dragged my hand to the pocket of mine, I noticed that my purse was gone. I apologized and made for my car. But the outcome was the same. Perhaps I forgot it at my place. When I came back to the church, the candles-selling lady approached me giving the candles and 1 UAH banknote, saying: -"This is from a young lady who wanted to stay unknown." I was slightly shocked and little bit surprised to receive such a gift. I lit the candles and made a precise look at the banknote. Some sort of message or to be exgact, a verse was written on it in black ink.
“Distance was our fate.
Time made it longer.
Will and love made me wait.
But my feelings 4 u haven't died...
they became stronger.”
Astonished, I started looking for the familiar face in the crowd,but could find none.
Suddenly I have felt a gentle touch on the backside of my rib. That was she! We left the devine service quitely.
30 minutes later we sat in the yard of her villa overlooking the sea shore. Only now I have really dared to speak to her.
- Tell me your story.
- My name is Masha, that Easter night 5 years ago, I met you...
And that night turned my life vision upside down. And that moment I felt that I despise myself, and my first decision was to give up begin alms. That was hard, cause at that time I had still half a year to complete in the secondary school. It became little bit easier later when I entered the trade school and started receiving the scholarship. After 2 years I received the certificate of the decorator and got employed in the construction company, which advantage was providing its workers with a dormitory. The other important thing I wanna add was that since the day I had met you I started writing lyrics, dedicated to you, of course. And since entering the trade school a great deal of my scholarship was spent on ink, paper, and envelopes with stamps to send them to the editors. I have been bombing them for 3 years. One of them surrendered and my book was published in a very small tirazhe. But shortly 1 month after the publishing I was stormed by the batch of our pop stars with the request for cooperation. Since that time my life changed even more, now I can spend the money on the charity myself. All what you see around is the outcome of the inspiration I felt after meeting you that Easter night.and what's your way to me? - and told everything about my career, which resebled one famous book by Dreiser.
-So what are you gonna do now? She wondered.
-To give up everything. Now i have enough independance to do so. I wanna go travelling around the world...
-Tomorrow morning. My yacht is ready to depart.
she came up to me closer and kissed me.
That was the moment which i couldn't even imagine. I felt her warmth spreading somewhere deep inside ...
-Do you mind my joining?
- No, i don't.
The lonely hill of the empty Turkish shore before the sunset…
She is standing in front of me leaning on the ancient tree…
My easel and colors are ready to capture the moment of her tempting smile….

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